We started our practice because we truly believe patients deserve compassionate care from physicians dedicated to excellence and integrity.

  • Lynda S. Kauls, MD

    When I was in medical school and rotating through various specialties, I found myself enjoying each one better than the next. When I rotated through dermatology, I realized I’d found a field of medicine that combined so many aspects of medicine into one field. Dermatology blends disciplines such as internal medicine, infectious disease and hands-on procedures. I especially love being able to see all ages of patients, from infants to the elderly.

  • Elyse H. Scheuer, MD

    When I started medical school, I discovered that I loved having expertise in one unique area of medicine. Dermatology required me to learn about rare conditions and strange rashes that are only found in textbooks. I love how this large, esoteric fund of knowledge allows me to accurately diagnose and treat my patients effectively. The practice of Dermatology combines medicine, surgery, pediatrics and cosmetic care. I truly enjoy my work.

  • Eloise Galligan , MD

    Exceptional dermatology doctor-patient relationships involve a significant amount of trust and caring, especially in dealing with highly visible conditions. My ability to put patients at ease is one of my strengths as a physician and is one of my favorite things about my work. I am excited to be back in the Twin Cities after being away for nearly a decade of training and am looking forward to serving the community in which I grew up.


Our Team


Clinic Manager

I started as a medical receptionist twenty years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed my career in healthcare. As I continued to take on more leadership roles, I pursued further education in Healthcare Management and received my MBA from St Catherine University in 2019. Independent practices are becoming more rare, and being at Market Street Dermatology has been a perfect setting to see my skills make an impact for patients and staff.


Medical Scribe

I have been working with the awesome team at Market Street Dermatology for over a year.  My favorite part of work is seeing and meeting new people every day and getting to know our patients and their families. When I have free time, I enjoy playing with my dog, reading, and ceramics.


Medical Assistant

I have been working in dermatology for 6 years. I like being able to see a variety of patients each day and I have learned so much working at Market Street Dermatology. I take pride in working hard to get medications covered for our patients and helping them to navigate the healthcare system. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, and going for walks.


Lab Assistant

I have been working at Market Street Dermatology for almost a year. Working with our friendly staff and keeping the clinic organized and clean has been fulfilling and fun. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my fiance and my family.



I started working in a dermatology office 3 years ago, which inspired me to get my aesthetician license at Aveda. When I joined Market Street Dermatology I became a Dermatology Technician and have learned so much more about the skin through assisting the physicians. Watching the success stories of our patients, and then maintaining the relationships brings me a lot of satisfaction. Working in dermatology inspires me to confidently live my most authentic self in my own skin. When I’m not working, I love yoga, traveling and cooking.


Patient Coordinator

I love getting to know our patients and work with them to meet their scheduling and product needs. I enjoy working in dermatology to help people feel more confident in their own skin. I love planning parties and seasonal decorations. On weekends I spend time snuggling with my two black cats.



I am the billing coordinator for Market Street Dermatology and I simply love my job. I find dermatology to be a fascinating field of medicine and appreciate the difference in can make in the lives of our patients. On my off days I enjoy being outdoors, watching documentaries, traveling, and trying new foods. I am currently learning how to play bridge from my 82-year-old parents.


Patient Coordinator

This is my second year working in the dermatology field, and I really enjoy it! I have a passion for skincare and find working with our patients very fulfilling. I absolutely love connecting with our patients and creating lasting impressions, as well as working with our incredible team! In my free time I love to spend time with family and friends, as well as traveling and going to concerts!



As an RN, I have had exposure to multiple areas of medicine. I have been working in dermatology for over a year now, and it is my favorite field! I enjoy helping patients feel healthy in their own skin, and my surgical training as a nurse has enabled me to excel in procedural care for our patients. In my free time, I enjoy reading and spending time with my friends and family.



I have been with Market Street Dermatology for the past year, and previously worked as an RN in the Emergency Department. My favorite thing about working in this field is all the opportunities, both medical and cosmetic, that help to make patients look and feel their best. On the weekends, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I am also always on the lookout for the best espresso martini.



I have been working in dermatology for over four years, three of which have been at Market Street Dermatology. I really enjoy the wide variety of cases, both medical and procedural, that I get to see every day. I love being busy! When I have free time, I spend it with my family and friends.