Early detection makes a world of difference

It is estimated that skin cancer will affect one out of five Americans. One of the best ways to detect skin cancer is a skin examination by a board-certified dermatologist. When you schedule a skin cancer screening, your physician will carefully look at your skin to evaluate your moles and distinguish between spots that are a normal and spots that are more concerning or need to be followed. Early detection is always key. Even something that might look normal to you may be something that warrants further examination. Our goal is to keep you healthy and safe.

During a skin cancer screening, we examine your skin from head to toe and evaluate each and every lesion on your skin. You can prepare for your exam by noting any lesions that are causing you concern. If possible, avoid wearing make-up to your exam and know that we may ask you to remove your makeup in the office. Because of the extensive nature of a skin cancer screening, we may need to schedule an additional visit to address additional dermatologic issues such as acne or rashes.

If you have a lesion that is rapidly changing, bleeding, or continually growing, please alert our staff when booking an appointment. We will schedule within the week or sooner for a “spot” check so you can have peace of mind.