Personalized care plans and treatments

Eczema is a broad term that describes an itchy rash that can be caused by many different triggers including a genetic predisposition or environmental exposures. Atopic dermatitis is a more specific term for the type of eczema that typically begins in childhood and affects between 10-20% of the children. It is a chronic condition characterized by recurring itchy rashes and sensitive skin.   We know that eczema can be very uncomfortable to live with, so we offer evidence-based treatments to help control eczema symptoms for you or your child. Our dermatologists are devoted to providing exceptional pediatric dermatology care.

Developing a plan of how to carefully take care of your skin is one of the most effective ways to reduce eczema flare-ups. Plans might include special baths, the use of moisturizers that help protect the skin, and avoiding common triggers. Every patient is unique and everyone’s eczema responds differently to treatments. We will be your guide and resource as we determine how best to improve your symptoms.

For some patients that have difficulty controlling their symptoms of itching. we offer phototherapy, a specialized wavelength of ultraviolet light that has been used to treat eczema for the past 20 years.