We started our practice because we truly believe patients deserve compassionate care from physicians dedicated to excellence and integrity.

  • Dr. Lynda S. Kauls

    When I was in medical school and rotating through various specialties, I found myself enjoying each one better than the next. When I rotated through dermatology, I realized I’d found a field of medicine that combined so many aspects of medicine into one field. Dermatology blends disciplines such as internal medicine, infectious disease and hands-on procedures. I especially love being able to see all ages of patients, from infants to the elderly.

  • Dr. Elyse H. Scheuer

    When I started medical school, I discovered that I loved having expertise in one unique area of medicine. Dermatology required me to learn about rare conditions and strange rashes that are only found in textbooks. I love how this large, esoteric fund of knowledge allows me to accurately diagnose and treat my patients effectively. The practice of Dermatology combines medicine, surgery, pediatrics and cosmetic care. I truly enjoy my work.