COVID-19 Update

In an effort to support public health efforts, we will be limiting our in-office visits to patients with urgent skin issues.  This includes:

  • Treatment of skin cancers
  • Monitoring of medications requiring labwork
  • Painful or worsening lesions, cysts or rashes
  • Lesions that are concerning for skin cancer

For non-urgent dermatological concerns, we are now offering Virtual Video Visits with our physicians.

If you would like to schedule a Virtual Visit, please either contact our office by phone at 612-746-4144 or you may submit a request via email at

We wish you and your family good health and calm hearts.  Below are some answers to common questions we have had this week:

What type of appointments can be scheduled with a with a Virtual Visit?  Acne, medication refills, treatment of chronic skin conditions, and some rashes can be well treated using this modality.  Unfortunately, Virtual Visits do not work well for routine skin checks.

How does a Virtual Video Visit work?  We have tried to use the simplest platform available.  At the time of scheduling, you will be sent an email with instructions and a link to the visit.  When it is time for your visit, simply click the link.  This will securely connect you to a virtual “waiting room” and one of our staff will establish the visit.  All you need is a cell phone, iPad, tablet or computer with video capability.  There are no apps or websites necessary to download.

Are Virtual Visits Covered by Insurance? If you have Medicare and are an established patient, your visit will be covered.  Private insurers have been less forthcoming with their coverage and criteria and we cannot guarantee that the visit will be covered.  In this situation, you would be responsible for the visit which we estimate to be between $75-$135.

When should I be concerned about a changing lesion?  In general, most skin cancers take several weeks to months to increase in size.  Concerning features are persistent itching, bleeding with routine activities, or a new or changing pigmented spot.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, all cosmetic visits at our office have been canceled until further notice.  We will update our website when these appointments are available to schedule or you can request that we reach out directly to you  when the time comes.

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