Melanoma Monday 2019

Skin cancer affects one out of every five Americans. If skin cancer is detected and treated early, it is the easiest cancer to cure! Once again, our board-certified dermatologists at Market Street Dermatology, will be conducting free skin-cancer screenings at our office on Monday, May 6th (Melanoma Monday). Our dermatologists can evaluate all of your moles, or can evaluate single spots of concern to you.

These screenings are ideal for patients who have spots or concerning moles that have not been evaluated professionally and for patients with no insurance or high-deductible health insurance plans that may be reluctant to seek medical attention.

Please be aware that this is a screening only. Spots may be identified that need further attention, but no treatment can be preformed at the time of your visit. We will provide you with a list of board-certified dermatologists in the area for a follow up if needed.

This visit is only meant for skin cancer detection. We cannot evaluate acne, hair loss or any other skin rashes at your appointment.

Please call our office for any questions or to schedule an appointment at an ideal time for you. 612-746-4144. Walk-ins are welcome too!